EST 1938

Welcome to Hundred Acre Farms!

We’re a small family farm in Smyrna, Delaware owned and operated by Ali & TJ Dziedzinski.   We focus on fruits, berries, bee’s, vegetables, small batch jams, and Christmas trees on about 3 acres.  Traditionally the farm has focused on Delaware’s most common crops of grains, soy, and corn which are still in production today on the largest sections of the farm.  We’re almost a century farm, as my great grandfather purchased the farm in 1938 and my family has lived and worked the farm ever since. 

My husband and I currently both work full-time off farm jobs while we continue to explore and slowly grow our developing farm business.  We’ve planted about 1000 Christmas trees in the past 3 years, about 15 different types of Apple, Peach, and Asian Pear trees, 2,000 strawberry plants, and an assortment of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We’ve been learning how to keep bee’s alive for 4 years now, with moderate success.  A surprising success has been the on-farm processing of baked goods and small batch jams.  We make most of the jams with honey instead of sugar, which gives it a unique flavor and people seem to really enjoy.  We’ve been focused on figuring our what grows well on our soil, what we have time to care for, what we enjoy working with, and what we can sell at the market. 

It’s hard work and a lot of long weekends in the mud, but we love it.